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  • Posted on: 8 January 2017
  • By: LMP
Print book production

Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) can help you get your book published and sold online. Our company specializes in creating files for eBook and print book production and publication.

Ebooks and Print Books

Your manuscript in word processing programs like Microsoft Word, Open Office, NeoOffice, etc. can be converted into an eBook or print book format. We can handle all of the conversion and file creation and we can also work with InDesign, Canva, Publisher and Scribus desktop publishing (DTP) production files. We do not work with LucidPress or Serif (yet). Call for pricing.

Cover Design and Artwork

Our specialists also work with graphic design, illustration and layout to help you get the best design possible for your publications. Designers can give your book that special marketing edge it needs to begin selling copies on outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or even on your own website - we can even help with that too! If you need a website and custom sales channel to sell your book, call us to get setup.


Your book is finished up (or maybe it isn't quite), but you need some sharpening in the technical department to make sure your copy is error free. Maybe you need additional editing for style elements or cohesion and clarity. Sentence mechanics, grammar, structure, spelling and other editing tasks can be completed for you by LMP but we can also consult with you on other aspects of your print book or eBook. We can also help you with proofreading tasks to make sure everything looks right on the pages to the reader. We can also help you make font and typography choices.

Publishing and Sales of Your Book

Once your files have been created, your book can be published online or in print format. LMP can help you with this aspect as well. You can use our custom LMP print button to convert your electronic book copy into a print copy in the cloud. You can even get print/delivery on demand services from LMP. We can also work with you to get your book published on as many sales channels as possible.
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PDF to book

Marketing, Advertising, Promotion

We are experts in digital marketing and print marketing. We can help you setup ad campaigns and ad designs for your new book to use in newspapers, websites, magazines, newsletters and social media. We can also help create a social media marketing campaign as well as provide press releases and other media services. As a digital publisher, we can also help promote your published book across our niche content channels. Let us manage your book publishing efforts with multi-channel publishing and sales tools to maximize the potential of your book.

Ghostwriting and Misc. Services

Consult with LMP on other services for your book publishing needs including ghostwriting, interviews, ecommerce development for book sales, printing, advertising, research and more. Call us at 612-460-5851 to learn more about our book publishing and production services.

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