Editorial Services

We can help with any writing, editing or desktop publishing project that needs creative flair or technical sharpening including help with design, layout, audio, video, e-books, print material, signs, events, promotion and more.

Contact us for more information regarding editorial services from LMP. LMP can offer high quality content for marketers, brands, information providers, journalistic enterprises, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) of all types, non-profits and corporate enterprises. Content is tailored to meet strategic and financial goals and align with the right audience. LMP will consistently provide engaging, well researched, informed and thought-provoking content that is optimized for search, social media and other content channels that are specifically designed to interact with your audience and/or market. Lawson Media & Publishing is an expert content creation company and has access to a network of freelance professionals that can help scale or add expertise to any project. LMP can facilitate project management throughout. Areas of Expertise include SEO, content marketing, B2B/B2C, energy, IT, creative, retail, eCommerce, research, CMS, blogs, video, project management, copywriting and SEO. We are headquartered in Southern Minnesota between the Twin Cities and Mankato metro areas.

PR Distribution, Publisher/Editor Email Blast and Custom Article Posting to LMP Site Network

Get better rank, brand recognition and publicity with our network driven press release and publishing service, working together to get you visible in publications, search engines and social media plus integrating powerful backlinks needed to gain authority on the Internet. Try our news and information services. Find more information below:
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PR Writing, Distribution and Publishing Prices

Call for SEO Power Bundle 612-460-5851

Get a custom SEO Power Bundle, which includes:

  • Link building across the LMP publishing network of websites, newsletters, social media pages and digital content channels, including third party publishers
  • Blog management of your company blog with professional copywriting/ghostwriting service with updates regularly
  • Managed CityScoop pro search engine ranking and business news column publishing platform for small businesses and franchises
  • Professional support, content management, strategy and content marketing services from LMP
  • SEO and Page Rank Offerings

    SEO & Copywriting Services
    SEO consists of social media, content development and management, blogging/copywriting, content auditing, taxonomy, navigation, keyword density, content originality, advertising, back links, search engine submission, blacklist checks and tags.

    Basic package:
    2 social media page creation or update of current profiles
    5 posts per month on Facebook/Twitter
    1 keyword optimized blog post (350-400 words per post) per month on client website
    Search engine submissions/blacklist checks
    $100 per month

    Advanced package:
    3 social media pages creation or update plus HootSuite integration to automate posts
    10 posts per month on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or LinkeIn
    5 keyword optimized blog posts (350-400 words per post): 3 on client website, 2 sponsored posts on external sources in LMP network that link to client site
    Advertising on select sites/networks
    Search engine submission/blacklist checks
    $200 per month plus advertising fees (ad budgets minimum of $30 per month)*(ad fees based on your budget plus service)

    Premier package:
    Social media page creation/update plus HootSuite and Management/Support
    25 posts per month on social networks of choice
    10 keyword optimized blog posts (350-400 words per post): 5 on client site, 5 sponsored posts on other sites linking to client site
    Advertising on select sites/networks
    Search engine submission/blacklist checks
    5 directory submissions
    $350 per month plus ad fees*(ad fees based on your budget plus service)

    Premier Plus package:
    Full social media creation/update/management/support/HootSuite
    40 posts per month on social networks of choice
    15 blog posts per month(350-400 words per post): 7 for client site/8 on LMP sites w/links
    Advertising on select sites/networks
    Search engine submission/blacklist checks
    10 directory submissions
    $500 per month plus ad fees*(ad fees based on your budget plus service)

    Single Item SEO Services - Call 612-460-5851 for consultation.
    Content SEO Audit: $20 per web page. Comes with complete report with recommendations.
    Copywriting or editing for basic webpages: $0.10 per word
    Blogging: $0.07-$0.20 per word depending on technical nature of content
    Media Planning and SEO Forms: http://lawsonmediapub.com/advertise

    SEO Package Options
    Business Name
    Location: City,ST,Country


    Offering custom content is just one service of many virtual services LMP can offer to companies. The LMP OfficeWorxx solutions program provides the same type of project management solutions to standard office and administrative functions that can be outsourced. Call center work, telemarketing, customer care, data entry, IT, information services, printing, mailing, copying, faxing, scanning, answering services and other projects are available through this efficient and streamlined program.

    Other services may require a custom quote. This may include usability testing, research, interviews, marketing solutions, guerilla marketing, product delivery, packaging, design services and others.

    Providing small and midsize businesses with on-call virtual services

    Editorial, writing, editing, proofreading, SEO, etc. $26/hr. or $0.20 per word
    Customer service $12/hr.
    Tech. Support/Help Desk $14/hr.
    General Office/Admin, printing, scanning, copying, faxing, shredding, mailing, data entry, e-mail forwarding, etc. $10/hr.
    Product delivery/errands - $9/hr. (+ expenses if out of immediate travel area)
    Web, mobile, graphic design, layout $27/hr. or call for custom quote/job
    Social Media Marketing/Management $16/hr. or call for custom quote/job
    Research, Fact Checking, Misc. $12/hr. or call for custom quote/job

    Example Content

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