8 Dec 2015
Desktop Search Engine Market Share in November 2013 (based on NetApplications)

SEO (search engine optimization) is an obscure but effective form of marketing and advertising that is yielding real-time results for businesses. From small and midsize businesses to fortune 1000 and 500 enterprises, it is a form of marketing, content development and lead generation that is likely more effective than any other kind of digital advertising or marketing.

16 Nov 2015
LMP Staff working on content development for marketing a business using an already published website

Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Content Delivery and Social Media all work together to bring your business prosperity in the market now and in the years ahead. These channels allow your brand to extend its reach and engage directly with potential customers or investors while also enhancing visibility through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and MSN and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other channels.

9 Nov 2015
Creative Coop media and marketing companies in Southern Minnesota

Lawson Media & Publishing works with companies large and small, far and wide. We have been able to serve those in other countries like Bangladesh and Canada, and other states like Texas, Massachusetts, California, Nevada and New York. But Lawson Media's home base is Southern Minnesota, home of the company's founder, Rob Lawson.

1 Nov 2015
SEO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Firm in Minnesota

How much are you investing in your marketing strategy? Take that question critically, and think about it in terms of more than just money. How much effort and time are you investing in digital marketing in Minnesota, the United States or wherever your marketplace is? Companies are looking at their strategies to figure out where to cut spending, how to streamline effective digital marketing practices and testing other methods to discover what works and what doesn't work to reach their target potential customers, instigating a visit, then converting them to actual paying customers.

29 Sep 2015

Rob Lawson is the publisher, media specialist and IT project manager behind Lawson Media & Publishing and he joins freelancers and other media agencies across the world by joining Blink.la, a freelance platform developed by former media professionals from the Wall Street Journal and other companies.

4 Sep 2015
Junk mail pile

Advertising is a tricky prospect for marketing efforts. It is always a guessing game, even with the most sophisticated tracking tools and analytics software. And, as we discussed in a previous post, advertising to as many people as possible (without precise demographic targeting) may actually deter people from buying your product or service. There is something to be said about annoying customers with a bombardment of unsolicited or unwanted advertising.

30 Mar 2015
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but good SEO provides more than just a way to game Google for higher search rank. Sure, formatting your website content to appear higher in search results is an important marketing technique, but crafting excellent content should be the ultimate goal. After all, the entire point of a given search engine’s algorithm or any taxonomical tool (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.) is to provide users with the best, most original, most useful and relevant content from the Internet. So how do we provide such content for our customers? We use human beings!

4 Mar 2015
Content Writing Services. <i>Photo "Creative" by Janpha Thadphoothon. Licensed under Public Domain via <a href="http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Creative.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Creative.JPG">Wikimedia Commons</a></i>

Custom content writing services can improve the bottom line for your business, though it will take some time in the beginning for the organic traffic to grow, to build a community, to establish a presence/reputation in your niche and convert users (browsers) into customers (purchasers), hopefully loyal ones that advocate for your brand.

17 Nov 2014
Jimmy Johns employees having fun making sandwiches

Corporate Culture. Its become a well-known phrase in the business community. Business community. Its become a well-known phrase in the publishing industry. We are always turning catchphrases, but why don't we try turning the catchphrase into something meaningful. Turn corporate culture into community culture.

9 Jun 2014

Advertising to everyone you can seems like a sure bet to reach as many customers as possible, but the reality is that it is actually the least effective strategy for running a smart and successful marketing campaign. Because you are paying for the production of all those inserts, impressions, clicks, views, etc., you might as well target the niche audience that identifies most with your product or service. This strategy is more meaningful to customers, and it is also more cost effective. Using relevant targeting, great user design principles and niche marketing is therefore more effective.


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