Buy office supplies, computers/electronics, phones, tablets, software, cameras, camcorders and more from our Southern Minnesota based LMP Store online. Get products shipped to your address with secure payment processing. Get supplies for your business at the LMP Store online. Purchase ink toner, printers, cartridges, paper, batteries, laptops and more. We also carry office furniture, clothing, kitchen appliances for your break room and other essential items for your business.

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Buy your goods with confidence. LMP keeps track of our seller's data and follows up to make sure items are shipped, unless scheduled for pickup. Take advantage of the latest and greatest local deals on our networks.
Buy clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, books, e-books, digital music, CDs, DVDs, hats, tools, video games, board games, cookware, housewares, furniture, electronics, office products, antiques, automobiles and much more!
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Sell your items on our digital stores online and via mobile devices and increase your sales and alleviate inventory. We will help you sell your items on our network sites and sites we actively sell goods through:
The Mankato Gazette Community Store, The Owatonna Chronicle, Downtown Rochester News, Slanted Mobile, IFR Classies, Ratuken (Formerly Buy.com) - Coming Soon, Ebay, Amazon, LMP Store, My Music Local, Google Shopping. Simply use your PayPal email to register products and get paid using the LMP eCommerce form below:

​Lawson Media and Publishing will not charge you a fee for selling items on our sites, stores, accounts, etc., but will charge a 5-15% transaction fee on items purchased through our sites, stores, accounts, etc. Transaction fee varies by store. Some items will require a listing fee, such as eBay Autos, Amazon and other sites. LMP will continue to expand its eCommerce management offerings.

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