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The banner below will take you to the page for the franchise and multi-location (store chains) business marketing, lead generation and business publishing platform. It will allow you to target the search engines, which now represent how more than 90 percent of consumers search for information. Get unlimited clicks, unlimited search terms/phrases all for a price starting around $100/month per account. Limit one city/region in one industry per account. Get your own business column and begin to harness the domain authority of a platform that has a network of several hundred business contributors in non-competing industries nationwide. Get first page organic rank on Google and Bing and other search engines. This is not SEO. This is a ranking service and business publishing platform that generates leads and sales faster than any other form of advertising for the modern chain or franchise location. Target locally. Strategize for search terms and project/product types. Learn more below by clicking the banner.
Get successful local franchise marketing services for your niche industry in your local region, city or town and do it for less with guaranteed results. Follow Rob Lawson on LinkedIn to get updates on how this franchise and local marketing tool for chains/multi-location businesses in your state can start generating you more business right away. Click here for recent posts.
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franchise marketing
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