Mankato SEO: Better Google, Bing Search Rank for Small Businesses in 3 Steps

  • Posted on: 12 October 2017
  • By: LMP
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MANKATO - Mankato, Minnesota is an interesting city with many small and midsize businesses that provide several jobs to residents and students in the area. These Mankato businesses need SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. What is search engine optimization? Continue reading to learn more about search, rank and the elements necessary to get ranked high, even number one, on organic Google and Bing listings.

Step 1: Develop a clear content plan

Before we dig in to what SEO is (there is plenty more material on this website that covers the SEO topic in depth), let's step back and think a bit about your business. Just like a brand audit or creative brief, gathering critical information about your audience, market research, brand identity, company mission/vision and overall marketing strategies are just a few of the vital things to consider when developing your content plan. Who is your business and what is your market? Who will care about your business and its products/services? Surely, you have already thought about this before launching your small business in Mankato, but these "back to basics" will help you identify a way forward in terms of copywriting and developing custom content for websites, blogs, social media, backlinks, directories, etc. It will help you find out what kind of short- and long-tail keyword phrases and keywords to target.

Step 2: Create your platforms and networks

Now it is time to start publishing to networks and platforms. Getting your content online is important. Create a company website and blog and update them frequently. Hire a pro copywriter in Mankato if you don't have the professional copywriting chops to do it yourself. LMP provides small business mobile responsive website packages that include copy optimized for search and social media at affordable pricing points if you are considering starting fresh. SEO is a critical part of marketing and Internet writing these days, so always craft your content based around SEO tactics. In addition to your own business website and blog, getting links back from high quality authoritative sites will increase your rank as well. Guest posts, ads, directory links, social media sharing, video (especially YouTube, which is owned and indexed by Google), maps, RSS feeds, press releases, event/place listings and other third party publishing platforms will help you distribute content in higher domain authority (DA) and rank content higher on search engines like Goolge and Bing.

Step 3: Update content frequently

In order for your Mankato SEO strategy to work effectively, it can't be deployed just here and there, followed by waiting to see what happens. SEO is ongoing. It requires effective content marketing and analysis. For example, tagging is also very important for social media. Ensuring images and other content (such as articles/blog posts) are tagged is important for taxonomy and for Google's web crawlers to index and crawl your site's content. The crawlers read text, including HTML code, some of which can not be seen on the front end. If you have a blog, it should be updated on a regular basis. Your website should be maintained and updated when needed. It should also be optimized for mobile and desktop users who may be accessing your content from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet one day and a laptop or desktop computer another day. Frequently update social media as well as press releases and try to build an email list for special offers and a newsletter for customers. These are also great ways to engage customers in addition to SEO for your Mankato business. Building a loyal following is the cornerstone of good brand building.

If you need search rank, copywriting, online advertising, social media or content marketing services for your Mankato small business, call Lawson Media & Publishing, located downtown in the Profinium Bank Building at Regus.

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