Print Media Production and Publishing

  • Posted on: 18 January 2017
  • By: LMP
Print media production

Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) can produce files for print or take your existing files and produce a print document or publication with your materials. In the past, LMP has produced and distributed print magazines with co-existing digital assets such as The Paper of Southern Minnesota and Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture (interested investors, please contact LMP). Those free publications ran for several years completely supported by local advertising and events like standup comedy and live music. LMP can help your local publication with print publishing tasks. LMP can also produce copy, layouts/templates and images for use in your materials.

Print on Demand or Cloud Print
You can print on demand in the cloud using our cloud upload feature. Simply upload your PDF document and select the type of product you want to order. You can select the quantity of items you want as well, so you can order in bulk for mass distribution to a list of clients, readers, etc. The print button includes books, wall canvas, magazines and posters.

Desktop publishing and production
As mentioned, LMP can produce print and digital magazines, newspapers, flyers and newsletters. Print book or eBook files are also an option, great for independent authors and local publishers. LMP can also produce digital publications or you can use the cloud print button for this as well. Do you need a cover design or other graphic design or layout tasks. LMP can tap its Freelance Poole to find the right talent for your project. Get the best quality images possible that represent your idea, brand, style, etc.

Do you need a copywriting and editing service? LMP, a company based near Mankato and the Twin Cities in Minnesota, has the competent professionals needed to sharpen your copy or draft it from scratch. The editorial process will depend upon the structure of the document, the scope of the project and the specific requirements of the recipient.

Print Advertising/Marketing
Getting ads placed in newspapers and magazines is an important element in local advertising because of the nature of the media. Print is tangible and it has a longer shelf life and readability factor than digital ads. Because of this circulation and longer retention, not to mention the cost of printing, these ads tend to cost a bit more than digital ads, but they can be very effective for branding/awareness, targeting specific types of readers and drawing a new audience to your digital presence. LMP is an expert in print media, publishing and production. Call to consult with us on your marketing project.

Signs and Indoor/Outdoor Marketing
Signage can be a great way to advertise products or services, but it is important to follow rules and beware of regulations or local standards that apply to your lease, neighborhood, city, etc. If you need a custom design, a specific type of sign product or otherwise, call LMP to discuss your options. We can help produce and deliver custom vinyl banners, A-frames, yard signs, real estate signs, vehicle graphics and other types of products.

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