Southern Minnesota Media Partner Develops WiFi Digital Marketing with LMP

  • Posted on: 24 September 2017
  • By: LMP
Dave Aug (left), Augabout Consulting, and Robert Lawson (right), Lawson Media & Publishing in Southern Minnesota

ZUMBROTA/MANKATO - Augabout Consulting recently announced the launch of a new digital marketing program in Southern Minnesota, in partnership with Lawson Media & Publishing, to provide businesses in the Midwest with social media powered WiFi systems and accompanying ad network. This local ad network helps local brick-and-mortar shops monetize their existing free public WiFi with ads and helps other businesses reach customers by location on the shop owners WiFi. The shop owners can also use the technology to create special offers, remarket, gather a distribution list, generate leads and much more.

Dave Aug is the owner of Augabout Consulting, a marketing and advertising agency in Zumbrota, close to Rochester. Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) is owned by Robert Lawson and recently moved from its Saint Peter location to downtown Mankato media and advertising company office in the Profinium Bank building.

LMP will help develop the ad network, along with customized ad networks that are tailored to the needs of individual businesses by industry, interests, budget, location/region, gender, etc. The WiFi systems have been developed to gather important user information and insights in the form of reports that can be generated and supplied to shop owners and advertisers to plan for their marketing and advertising in Minnesota. This is called building an advertising and marketing campaign. LMP will work with clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising in Mankato and other parts of Southern Minnesota.

The announcement was first published in LMP news, information and entertainment network site, Independent Forum Review (IFR). IFR detailed the plans the two companies have, one as a premier local Minnesota advertising agency and the other a scrappy independent media & publishing business based in Mankato. The news and custom press release distributed by LMP included a detailed account of Augabout Consulting and Dave Aug's professional history in Southern Minnesota marketing and its partnership with LMP, as well as the development of the social media powered WiFi marketing service just launched.

With the systems developed by these companies, small businesses in Southern Minnesota can implement more ways to use data and engage with their local customers directly to offer coupons, specials, updates, offers, events and a whole host of other options to grow their respective businesses, whether they are a shop using our specialized routers or advertisers in the local network.

The system was designed with usability/user experience (UX/UI), usability, branding and customization front of mind. With social logins, pesky passwords are eliminated for new customers, so the experience is quick, seamless and beautiful with custom login pages that are integrated as modular rather than annoying/disruptive like many other ad formats. Turn your customers into loyal followers with the social media features as well. Read more about the program here on the IFR News Network:

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