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Freelance Gig: Cold Fusion Developer at LMP for Zoom Village Site

  • Posted on: 4 January 2018
  • By: LMP

LMP is seeking a freelance developer for cold fusion development on a gig opportunity for hire in the Zoom Village CMS system product from LMP. Apply today via Upwork. The application process can be started via Upwork for the job listing here:

Southern Minnesota Digital Marketing

  • Posted on: 2 December 2016
  • By: LMP
Lawson Media & Publishing works with companies, such as attorneys, in Southern Minnesota to develop SEO and digital marketing strategy.

From social media marketing for small businesses to integration of print and digital media, LMP in Southern Minnesota has the solutions to help your business plan and strategize for maximized customer experience end-to-end. Get advertising, marketing and content strategy all in one place with solutions tailored for your MN business in Mankato, Rochester and Twin Cities areas. We can also work on virtual and freelance basis.

Lawson Joins Blink to Freelance for Media and Connect with Freelancers for Hire

  • Posted on: 29 September 2015
  • By: LMP

Rob Lawson is the publisher, media specialist and IT project manager behind Lawson Media & Publishing and he joins freelancers and other media agencies across the world by joining, a freelance platform developed by former media professionals from the Wall Street Journal and other companies.

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