Offline Advertising: Sign Vehicles for Liquidation or Sales Promos for Retail

  • Posted on: 6 February 2017
  • By: LMP
mobile advertising with signs on vehicles in Mankato, Minnesota

MANKATO — Learn how Lawson Media & Publishing used its knowledge and experience in print media and marketing to help a large chain store liquidate its inventory at a local shopping mall using sign trucks and vans to promote the retailer's sales. Retail marketing is a tough racket, but with the right ideas and planning, it can be a successful investment for your company, no matter the situation. Sign advertising works great for existing companies as well, not just those promoting their going out of business sales. Imagine a mobile billboard for your small business.
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LMP has worked with numerous clients across numerous industries. We have worked on all sorts of projects, from complex technology setup for marketing tools used by small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to live events and entertainment at local venues. We have also worked a great deal in print media with the now digital Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture magazine that had previously run print issues in the area for several years. There may still be plans to relaunch a print version of the mag. When promoting comedy at the Mankato Event Center, print was heavily used, in addition to radio and social media ads. LMP's expert marketers can develop the right plan and strategy for any advertising campaign, on the local, regional or national level.

When it comes to retail, they say it's all about location. This concept is equally true when advertising a blowout sale for their big box store location at a shopping mall with strict rules about outdoor advertising. Using existing routes that did not violate the mall's policies per lease agreements with mall tenants (businesses like department stores), we were able to capture thousands of impressions each day on the road with a new kind of mobile ad, the kind that doesn't display on a tiny screen: the vehicle sign.

In our case, we used truck signs and van signs. The signs were constructed from corrugated plastic with custom messaging with calls to action about the current sales going on at the department store. See our photos in the below slideshow to get a picture of what signs on vehicles can do for your business. These show the signs used for a sale targeting retail shoppers near a large mall in Minnesota.

Vehicle sign advertising is a short-term ad solution as opposed to branded solutions like vehicle wraps or adhesive signs for vehicles. These signs are also different from magnet signs for delivery vehicles. LMP also provided drivers and the vehicles themselves, which many media companies do not offer. This is a service to businesses that just need an affordable and temporary marketing solution. They are perfect for sales or promotions.

Expose your message to more consumers in your geographic region and local community where you do commercial transactions. LMP can help provide designs, sign products, services like sign drivers and other outdoor and indoor print advertising solutions for your business. We can help develop brand messaging with copywriting or a custom logo for your company or other graphics and artwork for signs.

Call LMP to consult on sign messaging, sign ordering, custom designs or other services for vehicle marketing, advertising and branding or outdoor/indoor print media advertising solutions. We are based in Minnesota but work globally. Get started today.

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