Video & Multimedia

Since the advent of film and later television and even later the Internet and mobile devices, video has become an integral part of media consumption for most Americans. And we happen to love it! We work with digital video on a project by project basis for companies, organizations, journalists and entertainers. We publish, distribute, market and advertise with video and implement it with other forms of media. Call us for more information.

News, Entertainment and Business/Industry Video Portfolio Playlist

Sports Video: Minnesota Brawlers Semi Pro Football Partnership

Check out the Brawlers YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Official Website, all managed by LMP.

LMP can explain complex or technical material to your audience through online video content marketing, which will help build loyalty from your customers or users.

Video Journalism and Digital Journalists
From street corners to board rooms, LMP can gather information, document the footage, edit the clips, interview sources and deliver the goods to your audience!

Stock Video Footage
Request any kind of video footage from Lawson Media & Publishing.

Sample Music Video
(Beastie Boys "So What Cha Want" a copyrighted work used for sample purposes only)

Festive Community Video
Document Dear Moments in Time!

Event Footage and Promotion
Sponsored Event by Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture and Mankato Comedy.

Brand Marketing
LMP will help small, midsize and enterprise level companies achieve strategic goals using video marketing effectively to engage with their audience and enhance their brands.

Production, design, editing, original music, mixing, titles, captions, distribution and more!

Pro Audio and Video Recording
Need a score or soundtrack? How about background music? Royalty free? Contact LMP for voice overs, narration, jingles, audiobooks, sound effects and more.

Government Meetings
Lawson Media & Publishing can record government meetings and package the content for public delivery.

Real Estate and Other Industries
LMP can provide the right scene for the right industry.

Animation, Entertainment and Sketch
Consult with LMP on scripts, storyboards, animation, conception, style and more for your next commercial, non profit or entertainment production! Video by Derek Ian Elvebak.

Documentary, On-The-Scene, Live Concert Footage and Various Other Styles

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